Are they the same thing?

Well to Dowse or Divine is an attempt to locate underground water, buried metals, gemstones, oil, gravesites and many other articles, objects and materials, including currents of earths radiation (ley lines, Hartman and Curry Grids) without using any scientific apparatus.


Dowsing is for finding out what already exists or has existed in the past.  When you Dowse you DO NOT attempt to predict the future!  That is what Diviners do!


Divining is for finding out what will exist in the future. But I wouldn’t recommend it for trying to guess a lotto win!  To Divine for something in the future can open the gates for confusion as the future is never certain.  But it can be fun!


There is no scientific proof that dowsing or divining really works, however Albert Einstein (one of the worlds most famous Scientist) was a dowser!


Dowsing/Divining is also used extensively in the alternative health industry by people like me.  It is used for detecting Earth Energies and tapping into our own Universe/God-given ability to explore all the subtle energies that are within us and everywhere all around the world!

Not only does it work, but I consider it the most powerful Force in the Universe and a gift that many have, only if they choose to turn it on, and believe in it’s ability.


There are various ways of dowsing for example you can use a pendulum, which can be varied from a heavy weight on a piece of string to a beautiful Crystal on a chain and many things in between.

You can also use your body, from a crossed finger to using your whole body (these are covered in full detail in future workshops and my book, ‘What if it was that easy’ to be out later this year).


For centuries people have used similar systems for healing and detecting illness, unease, disease, and to diagnose those, also areas in homes that are safe to sleep and for discovering hidden or lost things.


In my experience (20 years) I would describe it as a gut instinct or an ‘inner knowing’!  Also the longer you do it and the more practice you do the better and more intuitive you become.


It is difficult to dowse for something that you have a ‘personal’ interest in, and it takes training to be able to separate yourself from this sort of  situation.


I use dowsing to detect the energies that are created by the earth, that over the last few years (and I mean 100’s) we have as a Human Race have become more and more desensitised too.

Even though in our everyday life we may not know that we are detecting these energies, we certainly are ‘being affected’ by them.


This could present itself as an ‘unusual feelings’, for example, hot or cold sensations, instant headaches, or tingly feelings, itching or vibrations.

There are many others but check under SYMPTOMS for more details.



I am based in Auckland so cover this whole area, North Shore, Central Auckland and South Auckland, but can also travel and do regular trips to areas like Christchurch, Queenstown, and can cover any other area in New Zealand if required.

I do regular visits to Australia and can dowse all these areas, including doing remote dowsing of any other region in the world.

This requires a map of the location and for more information contact me.

If anyone is wanting a workshop in your area please CONTACT ME to arrange this.



Here is a good article about the History of Dowsing from www.about.com website!



Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum. Also known as divining, water witching, doodlebugging and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in long-forgotten history. However, it is thought to date back at least 8,000 years. Wall murals, estimated to be about 8,000 years old, discovered in the Tassili Caves of North Africa depict tribesmen surrounding a man with a forked stick, possibly dowsing for water.



Artwork from ancient China and Egypt seem to show people using forked tools in what might have been dowsing activities. Dowsing may have been mentioned in the Bible, although not by name, when Moses and Aaron used a “rod” to locate water. The first unambiguous written accounts of dowsing come from the Middle Ages when dowsers in Europe used it to help find coal deposits. During the 15th and 16th centuries, dowsers were often denounced as practitioners of evil. Martin Luther said dowsing was “the work of devil” (and hence the term “water witching”).