Q: I don’t sleep, wake up several times at night and I feel totally exhausted in our house. Whenever I stay at our holiday home I seem to sleep well, could I have something happening in my house

A: Geopathic Stress is not the only reason, but one which often plays a roll. Try other rooms in your house for a while, maybe a guest room or the couch in the living room, to find out if the problem is limited to a specific area within the house. Also check if there is an electrical transformer in the wall behind your bed or maybe outside your bedroom or if there are cellphone antennas close-by. Constant sleep deprivation weakens the immune system and leads to long-term trouble. If the problem persist, then we should arrange an appointment.

Q: What if both, my cat and my dog sleep on my bed?

I have mentioned under ‘What is Geopathic Stress’ that it is a well known fact among dowsers, that cats are attracted to Geopathic stress, dogs are not. Geopathic grids are sometimes quite narrow, just a few inches wide. Very likely the cat chooses the geopathic grid zone on the bed, the dog stays out of it. if the cat sleeps there when you are not in bed also, then that would be the area that I would be concerned about, especially if it is not a ‘sunny or warm’ spot. Be aware, which part of your body is in the same position and if you have any ‘problems’!

Q: We have a history of cancer in our family. Should I be afraid I might get cancer, too?

A: Let me make it very clear, that I am NOT a doctor, so I cannot give any medical advice, and will never.  I try to support medical treatments through energetic measures. In a case of cancer it is very often overseen, that the illness occurs because of a specific cause, more likely a combination of causes. To deal with the symptom (e.g. a tumor) is necessary, but should not distract us from looking for causes at the same time, otherwise the cancer will come back. Family history often indicates common patterns in living space, food/nutrition and lifestyle habits. I recommend we should look at all of these things.

1. German studies since the late 1920’s show that geopathic zones are practically always found in cases of cancer. In my opinion it is essential to change the sleeping location and/or shield the space with energetic measures.

2. Nutritional patterns of overly acidic food, sugar, sodas and alcohol, junk food in general, lack of essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids), lack of anti-oxidants.

3. An accumulation of stress from personal trauma, stress at work, or even long periods of tense economic situations.


Q: How wide spread is Geopathic Stress? Isn’t everybody affected one way or another?

A: Geopathic Stress is a part of Nature. It helps to disintegrate life forms and accelerates the rotting process. In this function it plays an essential part of the life cycle (bring back “dust to dust!”) However, not everything in nature is made to keep us young and healthy, lots of poisonous plants, animals, toxic materials etc so, stay away from those! A healthy body bounces back after a short time of exposure to stress, and especially Geopathic Stress.

In long term situations, for example having Geopathic grids under your bed where you spend 8 hours every day, the body becomes constantly drained, weakened, fatigued and at some point collapses. This is often found with cancer patients. In 1990 a  7 year study  of 8200 patients, found 34% were to have exposure to Geopathic Stress and often treatments would not bring the usual expected results. Every time such a patient lies down in his bed, all energetic improvement during the day is lost again after just another night in the same bed.

Q: I cannot get rid of ants in my home. Every spring we bring in a terminator who sprays all kind of toxic substances around our home, but the little critters seem to bounce back every time. What can I do?

A: Ants and other insects are typical to thrive on Geopathic Stress zones. As they prefer these energies, they will come back as soon as the toxicity wears out. I have found by identifying where the energy lines are in your home, and once the energy is neutralised, ants don’t seem to be interested any more.

Q: Could my whole house be affected?

A: There are lines all over the world, and some can be close together, but as these lines are not often very wide, there is usually a place where we can move the beds too! If there is a chance that it is not possible, then using the ‘Energy Bombs’ are great for dispersing this energy.

Q: Do these lines move?

A: Generally, this does not happen. But if you are in an area that has ‘earthquakes’, extremes in temperature,  drought or flooding, there is a chance that they could move.

Q: Does it effect Children?

A: Yes it effects children more than adults especially new born babies and indeed unborn babies. Test carried out by the Dulwich Health in the UK found that 80% of cot deaths were sleeping over Geopathic Stress.

Q: Is Geopathic Stress in other Countries or just New Zealand and Australia?

A: Yes it is all over the world. I have done study and research from various other dowsers from all over the world, and they all confirm the same findings. Certainly in all the cases I have done in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Italy and the US confirm this also.

Q: How do I know if I have been affected?

A: The most common symptoms are tiredness in the mornings, inability to sleep, tossing and turning, waking every few hours especially between 12-2am.  Injuries not healing and aches and pains occurring in the same areas of your body.

Q: If I am affected, what do I do?

A: The first and cheapest option is to move your bed, or your chair at work. If you want to know for sure, get someone like me to come and check your home and office and have these lines identified. There are other test that can help identify if you are being affected.

Q: How long before I notice something if I was being affected by GS?

A: If you are sensitive as I am, you could notice immediately (refer blog about movies), or it could take 5 or more years. There are many variables, if you smoke, or eat fatty food, don’t exercise, and don’t drink enough water, you could be affected sooner, if you are fit and healthy your body can still be affected, again it depends on the strength of the GS.

Q: If I have been affected, can I get it out of my system?

A: Yes, once your body comes off GS, and you are spending the majority of your time i.e. Bed/Office or the places your are stationary, your body can start to heal itself again and your immune system can start to strengthen. Obviously you must be kind to it in all ways, Exercise/Food/Rest/Water.