How are Children and Babies affected by Geopathic Stress?


Children and Babies are more sensitive than adults and an unborn baby even more so!


They have not yet been bombarded with other electromagnetic smog. (Radios, TV, Computers) radiation, (mobile phones, phone-towers)…

Although depending on where the Mother has been during pregnancy, they could be even more sensitive.

Also they are NOT yet being influenced by ‘society’, so when they don’t feel right, they REACT!

This is relatively easy to detect by watching their sleep pattern.  If they move around alot, or don’t settle easily, or are put to bed in one position, and always move to another, or wake up grumpy and irritable…these are all signs that they could be affected by Geopathic Stress!


We need to ensure that their start in life is not being detrimentally affected, especially when we think they are peacefully sleeping in their beds.

They need to feel safe!  Not only in your arms but when they are alone in their beds!

I remember my own daughter use to always be a ‘messy’ sleeper and was always sleeping in her bed in the most unusual positions. We thought it was funny and often took photos, as she had finally fallen asleep and could be on the floor, or hanging off the bed, or with her legs up the wall.


We did not realise that all the time, her body was ‘screaming out’ that the position was not healthy for her.


Why didn’t all the Doctors and Specialists we went to about her bed wetting know about this?  Was it because we were living in New Zealand and Australia and people are not aware of this phenomenon called Geopathic Stress?


If we were living in Europe…Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and Russia….They would have known, as they are more aware of Geopathic Stress and it’s affects on human beings.


She (my daughter) missed out on so much growing up… she did not want to go and stay over at friends houses… she didn’t want to go on school camps… she always had that worry of waking up with a wet bed.


The fact that she  stopped wetting her bed, the very night we moved her bed it to a ‘safe’ place, makes me know 100% that this noxious energy was affecting her for the whole 10 years she was in that room. As that was the only wall we had not put her bed.


What else did it affect?



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