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Spring is the time to de clutter and clean out those cupboards!

Take all the bed linen outside and let it get some fresh air!

The same thing applies to us.

Move your furniture around!

Just because you can!

If you notice you sleep better or feel better in a different location, it may have no other reason but you have moved the energy around in your house, but you may have also moved off what we call GEOPATHIC STRESS.

This is a ‘noxious energy’ found in every house, home, building, office, farm everywhere around the world in some form or another.

But having a shift around in your own home, you could be helping so much more than you could ever imagine.

So go on move move move…get out enjoy the sunshine and de clutter.

If you want a professional to check you have moved it all in the best location, give us a call.