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What happens to us in the winter when is Snows?

We get cold!

We wrap up!

We go and play in the snow if we’re lucky.

Or we just want to stay warm by keeping indoors, then we stay in the same location longer..right!

The couch!

Your bed!

Anywhere warm!

So when it snows, not only is there alot more moisture around, but all that moisture creates more ‘energy’, detrimental energy.

In the winter is this why more people get sick, get the sniffles, come down with colds and flu?

Is all that extra ‘energy’ created by the excess snow/rain/wind etc what is making us more miserable in winter?

How do we fix that?

If you are lucky enough, you take a tropical holiday, but sooner or later you have to come home!

Before you start loading yourself up with all the various ‘ chemical quick fixes’ out there, make sure it is NOT your ‘location’ that is aggravating you i.e. where you spend time STATIONARY.

These are the places that we need to CHECK (a Building Biology Check).

If where you spend time stationary is being affected by Geopathic Stress, then this WILL affect you.

Don’t blame winter!

Don’t blame the snow or rain!

Don’t say “Oh well that is what you expect at this time of the year”!

It may not be the case!

At least for a relatively easy test, a Building Biology check of your home/office/workplace can be done and then you can eliminate a very likely cause!


Hey… don’t get me wrong…it may be the snow…but it could¬†also be your immune system is too low and it’s been effected by GS.

Wouldn’t you rather sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery at this time of the year!



Thanks Ben for the beautiful photos Cardrona NZ, and the other is Queenstown from top of the Coronet Peak!