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Are you sleeping with the enemy?

I don’t mean your partner. ┬áBut maybe they are too!

Do you sleep well?

By ‘well’ I mean, you go to sleep at night, the next thing you remember, you wake, preferably a few seconds before the alarm goes off and feel like you’ve been asleep for days.


If you don’t, and you wake between 10pm and 2 am,

If you toss and turn,

If you wake up feeling tired,

If have nightmares,

If you wake with constant aches and pains in the same part of your body, even though you have treatments to fix them.

If you move around in your bed and always end up on a particular side of the bed away from the centre (or the side), there is a chance that the location of your bed is being affected by the ‘ENEMY’ …GEOPATHIC STRESS!

Geopathic Stress is made up of various ‘energies’ or frequencies, that are too strong for us as humans, and it lowers our immune system in the particular part of the body where it crosses our beds, (or the office, or wherever you spend time stationary for long periods of time).

Don’t let the fact that you have never heard of Geopathic Stress or even that you can’t see this energy, stop you from ensuring your home is safe from it.


We can’t see the wind but we know it’s there!

No matter where you are around the world, we can test your home for Geopathic Stress to make sure you have chosen the right place.

Don’t leave it to chance!

Have a wonderful ‘clear’ night’s sleep!

Nicky x