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With the onslaught of winter and increased likelihood of rain and bad weather, we definitely start to feel less happy, well I do!

This can be for so many reasons;

Like you can’t go outside and play!

It’s cold, so you have to wear more clothes and wrap up so you feel more confined!

You get snuffly noses and colds so feel generally miserable!

All in all, winter can certainly bring on yucky feelings.


What happens when you feel ‘yucky’, you stay inside, you lie on the couch, or even worse, if you are that sick, you go back to bed.

Now if BED is being Geopathically Stressed (GS), it is the worse place you can be.


It will slow down the healing process, and make you feel worse.

Normally if you sleep in a Geopathically Stressed location and it is ‘not too bad’, i.e. there is not on a ‘knot’ (check out this page for more info) where two GS lines cross, then in the warmer months you may drag yourself out of bed, but then once you are up and out away from this noxious energy, you start to feel better.  If you do not sit at work in a GS location then your body has time to recharge until you come home to bed.  When the cycle starts all over again.


Now in the winter you want to spend more time in bed because it’s cold and lets get serious, when it’s nice and cosy who wants to get out of bed into the cold air.

Sadly this ‘location’ where you are sleeping, could be making you sick.


  1. Waking up feeling tired or sore
  2. Tossing and turning during the night
  3. Nightmares
  4. Headaches
  5. Waking to go to the toilet or get a drink of water
  6. Loss of sex drive (adults)
  7. Bed wetting (younger people)
  8. Neck or back ache

If you answer YES to one or more of these you may be sleeping in a GS location.

DO NOT stay there, move your bed, or better still have a dowser check your house.

We can check this ‘remotely’ or onsite.


Save yourself NOW from future issues with a quick and relatively easy inspection.

Nicky x