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As many of you may know, I just launched my new book..

‘What if it was that EASY?  How to heal you and your home!’  

How Earth’s Energies may be affecting your life. 

I am so thrilled and proud of the response from the launch and reaction since then.

But on the night of the launch I invited a special person and his family to come to the launch, Peter Troake, however they were unable to come.

The reason they were unable to come Emily (his sister) explained in the letter below.

“We had heard about Nicky and Geopathic stress but wasn’t really sure how it would fit in with our situation or if she would be necessary.


However, when we hit rock bottom Nicky came highly recommended to us again.  With nothing to lose, we were throwing everything we had at Peter’s health and gave Nicky a call. We didn’t know what to expect or how she would be able to help.


It turns out that Nicky became one of the hugely important parts for Peter and his recovery. She found the only knot in the house that was directly above Peter’s bed.


Thanks to Nicky we reconfigured the furniture in the house and changed our use of electronics. Our lifestyle completely changed thanks to her education and expertise. We still live by Nicky’s guidance to ensure our home stays happy and healthy.


Peter is now up and running and enjoying his new found health and freedom!! In fact, this is being written whilst on Part One of our New Zealand remission road trip! Thanks Nicky for helping making that happen!!”

Kind Regards, Emily Troake

So as you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled they were unable to attend.

Bring on more clients like Peter and his wonderful family, who are open to having their homes tested for Geopathic Stress and EMF’s.