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Being a parent is a precious gift that is the right of every women.

Sadly not everyone has that luxury (if they want it of course).

There are many things that can make it hard or impossible for women to get pregnant, it could be a previous injury or illness, genetics etc.

There are links to things like soy milk , caffeine, smoking, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise and stress to name a few. OMG what happened to the good ole days, when you just ‘got pregnant’!

However did you know GEOPATHIC STRESS (GS) has been linked as high as in 80% of cases of miscarriages, and difficulties getting pregnant,  not counting the high links with marriage break ups, divorces and cot death around the same percentages (80%).

I was in the weekend lucky enough to go to a ‘baby shower’ of a young friend of mine and she is expecting a new baby girl early next year.


She was having trouble getting pregnant until I went and checked their new apartment and found there was a line of Geopathic Stress energy running directly over not only her middle region but also over her husbands.

The frequency of this energy was obviously affecting the delicate process of ‘making babies’, as once they moved to a GS clear space, she fell pregnant.

Nearly nine months later she is about to expect her beautiful wee baby girl early in Jan. 🙂


Think about it, we are dealing with a tiny precious delicate embryo!

If the frequency of Earth (Schumann resonance) is around the  7.83 hertz, and the magnetic fields (Hartmann or Curry grids) could be as high as 250hertz.

Then you can only imagine what this is going to do to the delicate process of getting pregnant.

A relatively simple onsite (or distance dowsing) consultation will identify where the GS is in your home and don’t forget it IS in every single home and building everywhere.

Don’t think if you are on the 43rd floor of an apartment building you are going to miss it.  You won’t and more than likely you will have a whole heap of other things going on including Wi-Fi and EMF’s as well.


Start at the bottom and make sure GS is not going to make this process harder than it should be.

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Many blessings

Nicky x