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I just received this message from one of my customers, the delightful Victoria.

I am so thrilled to have been able to help such a young vibrant women like Victoria, she had no problem ‘giving it a go’ and moving furniture around to where I suggested.  Even though she had never heard about what I do before.

She was very sick from Chemo, and still was not sleeping, but by moving her away from the Noxious Earth Energy that was crossing her body and ‘knotting’ directly on her breast where the cancer was, this all changed.


Within a very short time (a couple of nights) she slept through the night, as did her young daughter who was in the bedroom across the hall, but directly in the same line that was affecting Victoria.

By moving immediately it gave all the cells in her body the chance to ‘breath’ and begin to heal.


Don’t let something you have never heard of (like Geopathic Stress) be the cause of your ill health!


Have an open mind to Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress and how they can affect you in a positive and NEGATIVE way, like Victoria did.

Here’s her message, and thanks again Victoria.

Nicky xx


“I was diagnosed July 2015 with breast cancer, through out my alternative treatment I was introduced to Nicky who I am ever so grateful to have met, and she came over and dowsed my home.

I told her nothing and after showing me where the energy lines ran, one ran directly across the top of my chest and the other down the right side of my body (which is where the cancer was).  The one that ran through my chest also ran through to my daughters room and she had one than ran down the bottom of her bed.

This was crazy because the the whole year I had lived in this home my daughter never slept through the night she was up 2-3 sometimes even 4 times.

I would have to go toilet 5-6 times before I could settle and sleep and would always wake up feeling crap!  We had to move my daughters room to the toy room and re arranged my room.

It took a few days for my daughter to settle and now she sleeps thru the night.  I also have the best sleeps I have had in a long time, even through chemo for the two days I was sick I still had peaceful sleeps”.

Thank you


Auckland NZ 2016