How to HEAL you and your HOME.

How Earth’s energies may be affecting your life

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My book “What if it was that easy” is exactly that.

A question to yourself, to ask your body. What if my health or the health of my children and family is directly related to where we spend time ‘stationary’?

What if it was that easy?

What if the place you choose to put your bed in your home, or are forced to put it because of the way the house was built, or the way your parents put your bed, was relevant to the state of your health when you were growing up?

What if it was that easy?

What if the desk you chose at work or was told to sit at, or indeed stand at all day in the same location, is in the wrong place according to these Earth Energies, and could be affecting your health?

Just because something is simple or easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be true.

Think about it, the significant time we spend stationary is while we are in bed, on the couch, or at our desk, and these are the times when our body is in direct alignment with the earth. Therefore if there was a ‘frequency’ or energy coming up from the Earth, and there is, it would be these times that you could be affected by it.

Therefore that magnetic field around earth (Schumann

resonance 7.83htz, more about this later in the book) that vibrates at a slightly higher frequency than is healthy for us, has a chance to irritate us.

You have all sat in a chair or been still in your bed, or at work, and felt tingles or a hot or cold sensation that may have given you a headache or even worse.

You have walked into a room and felt like someone was behind you. This can also be explained as this energy. Occasionally it may not be, but when you consider how many magnetic fields there are around the earth, no one has ever missed them.

In fact you walk through them every day, somewhere in your daily routine. If you spend a lot of time stationary, and on one of them, it is likely to attack your immune system and affect your health.

You don’t want to be stationary on them. This book is to help you recognize and understand them.

This to make you AWARE not SCARE!