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Some other books Judy has written include Crystal Prescriptions Vol 1 & 2, Crystal Bible and many many more.

Thank you Judy for giving me the opportunity to be included in your book and be able to help spread the word of this amazing phenomenon.

“One of the best tools for handling EMF and GS sensitivity is to get yourself grounded, in contact with the planet and completely earthed with your lower chakras fully functioning. So many people who suffer from excessive sensitivity have only a toehold in incarnation, barely tolerating being in a physical body and always reaching ‘out there’ for the answer. So, make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation and the detrimental effects will lessen significantly. How do you do this? Use your crystals!

Judy Hall, Author”

Judy’s books especially the Crystal Bible have been instrumental in my learning and knowledge of the crystals I have used while dowsing and clearing people’s homes and business for nearly 20 years. I have developed what I call an ‘Energy Bomb’, which is a compilation of minerals and crystals contained in a beautiful pyramid shaped pot.


These help to alleviate the affects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Smog, particularly Adventurine, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and more, depending on what people are suffering from. If there is more Electromagnetic Smog or stronger Geopathic Stress, then I will add more Black Tourmaline or Yellow Kunite, Sodalite, and Malachite, Obsidian, Lepidolite, Brown Jasper, Agate, Turquoise, Larimar and Fluorite, depending on what I feel the customer needs.


My customers find these extremely calming, and have found they help alleviate sleep disorders, and create a calming affect in their homes.


Depending on an individual’s state of health, this may affect them in different ways, but everyone has stated they not only look good, but they also help them feel good as well.


Several years ago I dowsed a young lady’s home in Sydney, and on arriving noticed two large cats. Now there is nothing wrong with cats, I like them a lot as they are a good indicator for Geopathic Stress.

It is interesting how many homes I find where the Geopathic Stress runs through certain parts of people’s homes, that also coincides with where the cats like spending their time.


At this client’s apartment I found a strong line running through the lower part of her bed on both sides. The rest of her room was fine, however it was not a large room and there was no other place we could realistically put her bed.


I suggested using one of my ‘Energy Bombs’ after she told me the issues she was having with her legs. This included a knee injury that was not responding to physio treatment, and she was also suffering from twitchy legs during the night, which was diagnosed as ‘Irritable Leg syndrome’.



Following further investigation, I decided the best place to situate the ‘Energy Bomb’ was directly under the bed, where her legs lay. She also informed me that her two cats loved sleeping exactly there on the lower part of the bed, which was interesting as no direct sunlight entered this room to reach the bed, and that they also slept there even if she was not in the room.


There was another position in the house that the cats liked sleeping, which also had a Geopathic Stress line running through it, in addition to direct sunlight. However the line where the bed was situated was their favourite.


Now for those of you who are not aware, cats are drawn to the warmth that the energy from Geopathic Stress creates and to them it feels good. Sadly however, it is not so good for us, or dogs.

If your dog sleeps on your bed then this is more likely to be good for you as long as he’s not a Great Dane or Malamute I guess.


Now the interesting part to this case study occurred about a week later. The same lady contacted me saying she had noticed the cats had stopped sleeping on her bed, and she had definitely noticed and enjoyed improved sleep. Also her irritable legs had dissipated.

Six months later she rang me again after noticing the cats had started sleeping on her bed again. I explained that the crystals probably just need cleansing and re-charging, so to put the ‘energy bombs’ out in the full sun or overnight in a full moon, and see what happens.
She did this and incredibly the cat’s stopped sleeping on her bed again. Now there is nothing wrong with the cat sleeping on your bed, but we just don’t want that ‘detrimental or negative energy’ where we are sleeping or spending extended periods of time in a stationary position (bed, couch, office, favourite chair etc.) for long periods of time to affect us health wise.

I also explained that the ‘Energy Bombs’ filled with all these beautiful crystals would almost tell you when they need ‘charging’. It’s like when you walk into a room and you know you need to open a window to let in some fresh air.
I have used the same ‘Energy Bombs’ filled with these amazing crystals for many years now and find they help alleviate, block, grid, stabilise, absorb, transform and protect against the negative affects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Smog, and have a definite calming affect on my customers.Some even like to take them on holiday with them.

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Nicky Crocker


Clear Energy Homes