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HOW SCARY…but I didn’t know about this back then.  WOULD YOU?

I have just had an epiphany when I was gathering some info for a presentation I needed to do, and realised some serious links with a few scary situations that happened to me and they were all relevant to where I was living (and sleeping at the time).

Firstly...Moved into a new house (about 32years ago), sleep was very erratic and I had a lot of nightmares.

2nd... I had a sudden #ECTOPIC Pregnancy and ended up in Intensive Care at Middlemore hospital for a week.

3rd…Fell pregnant with my daughter, but when she was around 2-3 months old, she turned BLUE and stopped breathing and nearly died…(could have been a Cot Death or #SIDS)

4th…Fell pregnant with my son, but had major issues with my lower back and pelvis to the point that the specialist was going to put me in hospital for the last 6-8 weeks, because I was in so much pain and they feared I may loose the baby.  I even had to wear a special pelvic belt to help with the pain.


Luckily moved house several months later (only 2.5 years after moving in).

There is no way I would have ever associated the location of where I was sleeping with any of these things, until now, and knowing what I now know and the study and research I have done.  I have honestly seen so many cases of similar things all relevant to where people are sleeping or sitting, and their respective health issues.


Here is a image of where the Geopathic Stress was in our bedroom and was crossing my pelvis and where the knot crossed the bassinet, where I unwittingly place my new baby, thinking I was keeping her safe close to where I slept.  I feel it is pure luck, that I happen to hear her make a funny noise when I was still sewing in the other room.

My husband was asleep in the bed right beside her and didn’t hear a thing.