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After doing some testing with my EM Field Probe which, in the configuration shown in this video, picks up low frequency Electric Field Radiation, I was very disturbed to find how much radiation is floating out there in the air, near power lines and throughout our homes and in our beds.

The tree’s definitely protected us while they are between us and the source of radiation, but once we moved out of the shadow of the tree, this particular type of radiation was able to reach us.

What you don’t see in the video is the measurement of electromagnetic radiation that power lines also produce and which can be very harmful… that type of radiation goes straight through EVERYTHING and can practically not be fixed for residential properties. (This could just as easily come from the little ‘down the street’ power lines and MUST BE measured, especially before you buy a home!)

I mention ‘cell towers’ in the video, but was referring to the towers also being nearby, but out of camera shot.

The EM Field Probe doesn’t measure high frequency radiation. (That’s another story, but normally a fixable one.)

Are you being affected by Electronic Pollution?


Trees can only help but only a little bit!


Can’t hide behind a tree all your life!

Get your home checked!


p.s. It doesn’t have to be a giant ‘pylon’ like these to be affecting you, the little power-lines in your street can be just as bad!