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With the Rugby World Cup in full swing in the UK at present and the countdown to the final next weekend growing closer, I have been thinking alot about the athletes.

Not just our rugby players but all sports.  How often do you hear of an athlete moving to another club like Jarryd Hayne’s for example and then he doesn’t perform as he previously did.

Sonny Bill Williams, when he first moved home to NZ, seemed to be plagued with injuries.

Was it because of where he was sleeping?

Is it nerves?

Is it the excitement of the new club and people around them?


Or maybe it is where they are now putting their head….ie the bed they are sleeping in the NEW LOCATION.


Take out of the equation the fact they are playing high contact sports, because some get injured and some don’t.

If Geopathic Stress is forming a ‘knot’ in your bed and was crossing your legs for example, it could weaken that part of your body so it is more likely to suffer injuries or irritations.

 Obviously the same for any other part of your body.


I know…because that is exactly what happened to me.  I had a Geopathic Stress line crossing my feet and lower legs and for years was blaming my shoes, or power-walking too much, I even needed special orthotics made for them, until they finally diagnosed Arthritis.

It was completely due to the Geopathic Stress crossing my feet and legs.


When you (as a club) are paying a fortune for a new player (#Warriors, #ALLBLACKS, #NFL, #NRL #FOOTBALL, etc etc) make sure you don’t only do health checks on their bodies, but do a HEALTH CHECK on where they are living!

Here’s a thought…Is Tiger Wood’s continued health issues due to where he is sleeping?  He could totally have Geopathic Stress crossing his likes like the picture below, with all the knee injuries he has had.


To have this House Health Check will be cheaper that taking them out to dinner and could save you a fortune.

lying lower leg This is an example of how you may experience reoccurring injuries in your left leg if Geopathic Stress was present as shown.