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DO YOU GET IRRITABLE AT WORK…and blame your job, the people around you, or you generally just don’t want to be where you are!

Or maybe you absolutely love your job, but every time you sit at your desk, you get irritable or start to get headaches, back aches, migraines, and just can’t understand why.

I could have the answer…

Geopathic Stress is very frequent and the chances of it being in your office (or home) are actually quite high.

The magnetic grids that go around the earth are often a few metres apart, so what do you think the likelihood of them crossing your desk are?

If you feel uncomfortable at your desk, don’t brush it off, have it checked and better still, get the boss to have everyones checked.

If you are the boss, you owe it to your staff (and yourself) to be able to get the best out of your employees.

It won’t hurt, and could make the most amazing difference to everyones health and wellbeing.

Call me to find out more..

Nicky x