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A headache or arthritis?

Psoriasis or constant neck pain?

In fact any sort of ‘CONSTANT’ pain that you are taking pills or medication for?


What if I suggested that WHERE you are sitting or sleeping, could be at fault!


How can that possibly be, you say!

Think about it for a minute….If you have a ‘vibration of energy’ (AND WE ARE ALL ENERGY) that is irritating you constantly while you are still.

i.e. where you sleep, at your desk, on the couch or any other place you sit, sleep or even stand for long periods of time, then it will get tiring, do you not agree?


What if you don’t realise it is tiring you?

What if you think it’s just ‘your lot’, and this is what you feel like all the time, when you lay in your bed.


What if every time you sit at your desk at work, you start to get a headache, or backache?

You pop a pill to kill the pain. Then another and another….You forget what (or where) exactly the pain started, but you just want to get rid of it.


Of course you do, and I totally get that, who wants to be in pain?  NO ONE!

But what if all those pills you are taking are just taking you ONE STEP FORWARD, THEN TWO STEPS BACKWARDS?


If you are spending time stationary (bed, couch, desk etc) on a place that is affected by Geopathic Stress(GS), then it WILL irritate you.


Depending on how long, or how strong the GS is will depend on how quick it will affect you.  Also you may be getting zapped at home and at work, so therefore a Double Wammy! OUCH!

Then what happens….yep…more pills!

But which thing were you taking them for again?

Was it the headache? or the backache, or was it the skin irritation, or has it got so bad that now it’s for the auto immune disease?


Or are you taking so many pills that you are not sure which is for what and how many side affects are you taking other pills for?

I’m not joking as I see this all the time.




Stop taking ONE step forward and then TWO steps backwards.



Start with having your home or office, (or both) checked to eliminate Geopathic Stress!

Make sure it isn’t the cause of these issues with your health or someone you know and love.


I can help.


No matter where you are around the world, I can check this for you and at least eliminate Geopathic Stress out of the equation.

It will take less than an hour and you will KNOW.


Lots of love

Nicky  x