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Nicky Crocker Knows that...

'The Secret is Clear Energy'!

Geopathic Stress from Underground Energy is often an overlooked influence that affects our health
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Do you wake up feeling tired, lacking energy, or toss and turn?

Are your children struggling with bed wetting, ADHD, or learning difficulties?

Do you have low immunity, and continuously battling health problems?

Or could you be experiencing any of the other unexplained symptoms?

Would you like to feel better?

I’m Nicky Crocker, and I am here to help you identify and solve issues relating to Geopathic Stress and EMF's in your home or office.

We offer comprehensive Geomancy consultation services as well as a wealth of knowledge on Geopathic Stress.


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Learn all about Geopathic Stress from The Geomancer!


It HAS affected you at some point in your life!

Don’t let it continue!


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Check out the latest videos and see for yourself!

Jack’s Story: The Geomancer at work! Children are affected!

Watch full version of me dowsing Bruce Hopkins home (Lord of the Rings) with Liz Gunn & Dr Bruce Lipton
Nicky showing how to recognise Geopathic Stress…and what things to look for.
Nicky dowsing Bruce Hopkins (Lord of the Rings) home with Liz Gunn on The Global Health Show

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